Freedom. It comes in various forms and in a variety of ways. For a certain little person…it comes in the form of being moved from a crib to a big girl bed. Due to her new found freedom, the last couple of days have involved an HOUR of non-scheduled, not mother approved, “needs to stop now” nap time activities.

Including, but not limited to:

Playing with her “look and find” sensory bag.

After being caught, she thought it would be wise if she had her toy in bed.

Playing with her princess castle no less than a dozen times.

Dusting items in the room.

Peeking at the neighbors. (Yes, she is THAT neighbor)

She, of course, finds nap time to be a good time to rock her baby.

I decided to omit the photo of the diaper I found on the floor that she dug out of her trash can. A used diaper. A dirty used diaper.

She is a very persistent little girl…but she seriously underestimates how much I value nap time and how persistent I can be.

Then…an hour of stopping-her-from-her-various-activities-and-putting-her-back-to-bed-every-2-minutes later…



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