One of the Lil’ Man’s favorite things to do after working on something in school, is to hang it on the wall. We have a spot on our wall where I hung up some poster boards so we can display his handiwork. After dinner, he loves to show off his work and tell daddy all about what he learned that day. I love listening to Lil’ Man retell his day or what he learned by using the “show it off wall” as a point of reference.

I still need to get some border to go around it, to make it look a little more pleasing to the eye, but I haven’t made it to Mardel yet to get some. I put some super glue on clothespins and placed them on the poster board. It is a quick way to change out his handiwork without making a lot of holes on my wall.

We have the “show it off wall” in our guest room…I dedicated a little corner of it for the kids to work on school stuff, art projects, etc., but you could hang this anywhere. Just find poster board that will go with the colors of the room you are putting it in and find a border at your local school supply store that compliments poster board and room decor. The kitchen/dining area or child’s bedroom would be a great place.


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