Make it Monday – Easy S’more Cake

I love s’mores. I love cake. I love easy. So, naturally, I found a way to combine these three loves together and came up with this delightful dessert. 

When my family was invited to dinner one evening, I found myself in need of a dessert. It was my little contribution for the evening. I should have been relieved. Just dessert, right? Unfortunately, dessert (baking in general) is not quite my forte. 

After much thought, and a lot of Pinterest searching, I decided on a dessert. A boxed cake. It was simple. It was not overly complicated. It was something I knew I would not mess up. So, into the oven went the chocolate cake.

Once it was done baking and cooling, it was time to ice the cake. I was riffling through my cabinet in search of some icing when I came upon my s’more stash. This is when my inspiring moment hit. 

I grabbed the Pillsbury Fluffy Frost icing.

 A snack size package of Hershey bars.

And a box of Honey Maid graham crackers.

 Should I be embarrassed that I have all this on hand? 

Icing the cake, easy. Smashing the graham crackers and sprinkling the crumbs on top of cake, easy. Placing little rectangular Hershey bars strategically on the cake, easy.

Final result – 

Friends? Well, they were impressed. There was actually quite the misconception on the time and effort that was put into the evening’s dessert. A misconception I, shamefully, did not correct. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s Make It Monday! 

Let’s share –

What are you making today?


Make it Monday – Homemade Coconut Milk

Today’s Make it Monday is a guest post from my sister…enjoy!

I love summer break. I love all the extra time I have to do/make things that I otherwise might be too exhausted to attempt. You know, like making my own coconut milk. Really, it all goes back to my mom. She started doing “crunchy” things before being “crunchy” was hip; I mean, we were doing the whole sprouts, probiotic, and all natural thing since I can remember. Now that I have two kids of my own, and have Pinterest to rely on, I am becoming more and more like my mom every day. It is scary really. But I digress…on to the coconut milk.

So, In my quest to save money and steer clear of questionable chemicals I started to make some things like shampoo, toner, moisturizer, and soon baby shampoo. I began making the shampoo by using Castile soap and one of my favorite things on earth: coconut milk. 

Coconut milk is amazing – you can use it on your face, hair, body, in your coffee, in your cereal…I can’t get enough of it. I buy the beverage kind for all my food needs, but, for some unknown reason, I bought the canned kind for making my shampoo. Well, this canned version is awesome but it also has guar gum as one of the two ingredients. Insert the unsure emoji here. I mean, the thought of guar gum in my hair…I’m not even sure what it is exactly, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mix well with thick, frizzy hair. Even so, I went ahead and used it for my first batch of shampoo (hello I am cheap) but I determined that next time I will buy canned coconut milk without guar gum in the ingredient list.

Which, wouldn’t you know, I found a recipe on Pinterest for – – – DIY coconut milk. So I thought “hey, I’ve got this. I can make my own and then I can be sure there is no guar gum or any other weird thing in my hair…and it is cheaper!”

So the process is relatively easy: get shredded coconut and boiling water, blend for several minutes, and then put in a cheesecloth/nut bag (whatever that is) and squeeze out all moisture you can. You can even use the leftover pulp to make coconut flour (which I did…now what do I make with it?).  Well, this relatively easy process turned into a bit of a debacle you could say.

Here is what I learned as a first time coconut milk-maker:

1. Check to make sure your blender can handle hot liquids…mine cannot. I learned this after I blended boiling water for 4 minutes in my blender. Read the warnings on your appliances people.
2. Hot things (like boiling water) can build pressure when put into sealed containers (like a blender). If that hot air is not released through a small pouring spout (like on aforementioned blender), then, when you try to blend the ingredients, the lid of the container will literally explode off. Shooting/spraying boiling water and shredded coconut all over you, your counter, and your appliance. This happened. Twice.
3. Make sure you have all materials needed so you don’t have to creep into your napping daughter’s room and swipe a (clean) lovely Aden & Anais blanket to use as a cheesecloth.

Well, there you have it. Even after all that, my coconut milk turned out great and I have enough to make five more double batches of shampoo or 2 1/2 cups of coffee creamer…whichever. I also have coconut flour that I have no clue what to do with until I find something on Pinterest. Then I can attempt something new…as long as it is still summer.

My (coconut milk) shampoo!

Note: there is a way to make it without boiling water…after reading the warnings on my blender, I will be using this process. Better late than never, right?

Then, Grace…A Masterpiece in Progress

Slowly and with purpose He begins chipping away – to reveal His masterpiece that, ultimately, glorifies Him. 

A crude slab, it was all I had to offer; One that was stained with the iniquities of my sin, marred by religion, and scuffed by a self-relying overview of faith. It was just a small breeze away from destruction.

Then, grace. In the ultimate act of mercy and love – came refinement…came redemption. A slab that should be deemed unworthy and tossed aside to the “junk” pile, was seen as a beautiful treasure by a God who can make all things new.

Restored. Slowly and with purpose He begins chipping away – to reveal His masterpiece that, ultimately, glorifies Him. A work of perfection being made through Him and for Him.

Unique. A distinct structure that is handcrafted by the Great Artist. It is a beautiful work of art that reflects Him like no other can.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” – Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)


Every day He works, paying ever so close attention to the smallest of details as He constructs me into His masterpiece. The glory? Never to be mine, for I am the result of His work.

I was saved by His grace…but it doesn’t end there. His grace extends, to not only justify, but to sanctify. The result of His grace, is a creation being made new through Him and in Him. The old is gone…

A daily yielding to His Spirit as He guides me and brings about His perfection in me. There is not a place of “arrival”. It is an ongoing process, until the day in Glory.

My prayer, every day, is that I glorify Him. I ask that my life will point to – a God who loves, a Jesus who saves and a Spirit who guides. His work in me and my life is nothing short of miraculous and I am thankful.