Snow Day Ramblings

Not a whole lot to write about today. We have been enjoying our little snow day(s). Even though I complain about winter, I do love the snow. It is so beautiful…a great reminder of everything new. 

Last night, I made some yummy fresh bread and some homemade chicken vegetable soup. It was all DELICIOUS; perfect for a cold and snowy evening. At first, Lil’ Man complained about having to eat soup…but in the end, my soup won him over. He asked for it again this morning. You can get the recipe for the soup here and for the bread here.

Yesterday morning, we were getting ready to go outside and take care of the animals (this time I made sure he left the house when I did…there would be no waiting around for a “no show” this time) when he told me something of major concern to him. Apparently, it had been bothering him since the day before.

Lil’ Man: “Mom, I need to tell you something.”

Me: “Yes.”

Lil’ Man: “Well, do you remember yesterday when you told me to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer? (I nod) “Well,  do you know that dad told me to pick up the mess on the living room floor too??”

Me: “Okay…”

Lil’ Man: “Don’t you know I can’t do two things at the same time?! It is impossible!”

Me: “I’m sorry, Daddy and I didn’t know you had something else you were supposed to do when we asked you to do something.”

Lil’ Man: “Well, you guys need to pay attention. I can only do one thing at a time.”

Cinderella, anyone???

Of course, in the story of Cinderella the little animal creatures loved her. Yesterday…the rooster pecked him. He was NOT impressed.

Life is not all that bad for Lil’ Man though. 

He was able to enjoy some snow time this morning after helping take care of the animals.

Trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

He and his friend had a blast playing outside in the snow this afternoon…

On Thursday, we got him his first Bible. He was so so very excited. 

We looked at several different Bibles and then we found this one. We were all pretty excited about it. Our church is doing The Gospel Project and this Bible features it. So awesome.

You can find out more about it here.

Here is a snippet (that I love) from the above link:

Speaking of Jesus, Christ Connections help kids grasp how every story points to Jesus and His saving work on our behalf. Connecting the Old Testament stories to Jesus helps us see past the difficult Bible passages (like the cycles of sin and punishment at the time of judges and prophets) and focuses on Jesus, the only One who could pay the penalty for our sins once and for all.”

Lil’ Man was so excited. He read it all the way home…about 50 minute drive.  He was recalling so many of the stories he has learned at church and was excited to see where they were located in his Bible. 

He thought it was pretty cool to have his name engraved on his Bible. When deciding which font style to have his name in…he chose the script font over the block font…”because it is so fancy!”. 

Well, that is about all I have to say for right now. It is time to curl up with a book, enjoy my favorite essential oils that are diffusing, and procrastinate coming up with something for dinner. 

Happy snow day, friends. 🙂 


Stories from the Homestead: We Are Done With Winter

Well, this week has not been all that exciting around here. We have not been able to spend much time playing with our goats, begin working in the garden or do anything else outdoorsy. Thanks to some frigid temps and some snow, it has been a bit miserable to be outdoors.

One particularly cold and snowy morning this week, I discovered my little “helper” was otherwise indisposed to doing morning chores. This was, of course, after I was already outside waiting, watching for him, and…yes, waiting some more. He was supposed to be bringing the bucket of goat feed down. That never happened. I had to trudge my way back to the feed shed to get some food for them. 

Thankful for a warm coat while I was waiting…in the cold…while it was snowing…at 7:00 a.m.

I don’t blame him though. No one wanted to be out in that weather. My chickens only came out long enough to get some food and a dribble of water to quench their thirst.

My goats? Well, they did not go outside. Period. I read somewhere that goats don’t really like to get wet. That, was no lie. My goats do not care for any form of precipitation. The whole day went by and they finally came out for about two minutes right before evening. Then, back into their warm and dry little abode they went. 

Our big excitement for the week was when that sneaky coyote decided to come back around one morning. He didn’t get any chickens this time. I was able to run outside, scream and clap my hands, effectively scaring him away. I also, may or may not have made the best decision by trying to track him down…with my little 9 mm. I wandered around for a while (which, by the way, made me late to my morning ladies’ Bible Study)…but he was long gone. 

I hate that coyote. I literally hate him

Well, off I go to prepare for the next round of winter weather. Here are some more pictures to enjoy of my little farmyard crew (ignore all the annoying shadows)…

I always have to include a picture of Miss Franny
Isn’t this little grass box nifty? L made it so they could have fresh grass to eat without destroying the grass. They LOVE it.
Miss Galina (Greek, not to be confused with the Spanish word gallina)…I think she is so beautiful.
Enjoying an apple
Josie does not like to share with Shiloh. She sneezed at her (which also sprayed onto me) and would head butt her to keep her away from the apple.
Josie. I decided to go with Josie as her name. Her attitude often reminds me of Josie Pye, from Anne of Green Gables.
Sweet, little, skittish Shiloh

Stories from the Homestead: Chickens and Goats

We were at Atwoods yesterday picking up a few things for our little farm and we were in the store only a few moments, when I heard it. The sounds of cute, little, fluffy chicks! I left L looking at some clearance table and me the kids made a dash to the chick corral. 

One of my favorite times is when they bring in the new chicks. It was all I could do to not scoop up some of them and bring them home with me. Lil’ Man felt the same way. He is used to being able to pick out a few chicks every spring and then raise them inside until they are big enough to go out the big chicken yard. It is such a fun (albeit, at times, stinky and messy) experience. 

**It is definitely a commitment, so please don’t run off and buy some chicks that you aren’t able to (or won’t properly) take care of. Just go visit your local feed stores to admire them. I do hate seeing all the chicks being bought at Easter time by people who will end up killing them by not taking care of them correctly.**

This year, we bought some young hens that should be close to laying. In fact, one of them has began to lay. It is an ever-so-tiny egg…I am pretty sure that is is crazy (she behaves like she was dropped on her head as a young chick) Franny who is my current layer. She is the family favorite. How can you not love her?!

I did find out this week, that I do not have 7 hens and 1 rooster…like originally thought. I was watching Bertha (remember our Behemoth of a hen) do some very questionable things this last week. You know, things that make Lil’ Man say, “Ohhh, chickens like to lay on top of each other to stay warm.”. Then, yesterday “she” also started crowing…it sounded terrible. I call it the awkward-teenage-boy crow. So, Bertha…is now just Bert, our other rooster. 

Miss Priss loves being out with and chasing the chickens.

We are now one week into our new venture of owning goats and I have officially spent WAY too many hours reading how-to articles and blogs about goats and caring for them. I want to make sure we are doing everything…the right way.

 This first week has been, I guess what I would call the “honeymoon phase”. The chores haven’t become chorish and every little thing we get to do for our goats is fun. Even filling up their water container is an excitement because we get to be out there with them. 

We have enjoyed hand-feeding our goats treats, like apples, while talking to and petting them.

One morning, while the goats were bunking with the chickens, I went out to begin my routine of getting my animals taken care of and I was convinced someone had stolen my goat. Shiloh was missing. She was not where I locked her up with the other one the night before. Then I heard a little ruckus inside the actual chicken coop area. 

I then saw this:

When they say goats can fit through small areas, they weren’t joking.

Here is the Chicken/goat duplex (Chickens on the left and goats on the right):

Inside their little home:

Now, if we could just come up with a name for our sweet (sometimes spunky) doe. Any suggestions are welcome. I can’t just give her any name. It has to…fit her.