Day 9 of our Colorado Vacation – End of the Road

Well friends, the last day of vacation has arrived. As I watch the sun slowly make its descent, I am that much closer to being back in the real world. L goes back to work tomorrow; I head to school to start packing up my classroom.

This has been a FABULOUS vacation (and a much needed one). This week has provided us time to enjoy each other as a family, have exciting adventures in the great outdoors, eat (entirely too much) great food, visit family, relax, escape the horrendous heat, and much much more.

On our last day of vacation, we started our day at church with my mom and dad. We then moved to a place to eat; A yummy little spot called Andolinis. I then moved to a cozy bed and took a nap. This is mainly because I was up until 3:00 in the morning. Sewing at 3:00 a.m. does not come highly recommended. Some of the top reasons being – you forget which sides you are sewing together, you don’t realize when your bobbin (the bottom stitch) has run out of thread and you are now simply making sewing dots all over your material, you even start to forget what you are originally making in the first place.

Just to be clear, mom and I did manage to complete 2/3 sewing machine covers. We were tired, not seeing straight, and our minds had lost complete coherency…but we did it. Through the craziness and through a LOT of laughter, here are two of the covers we made.

Just to note…we took the picture the next day. You don’t want to see how crazed we looked that night.

L and Lil’ Man had one more jump in the pool before we headed back home. After a little swim time…we packed our stuff up, loaded up the car, and hit the road for the last time on our trip.

We are now on the road home…and…after we filled up the car, we stopped at Sonic. Something Tulsa has that OKC does not…CHEDDAR PEPPERS. I think I love these things even more now because they are unattainable where I live.

We are home. As we were driving down our street, Lil’ Man looks out the window and says, “My home!”. He said it all. No matter how much fun we have traveling the road and exploring new places, there is no place like home.

It was so nice to come back to a clean home. It is, and always has been, my tradition to clean the house really good right before leaving on vacation. There is nothing like coming back to a nice clean home. Also, we were able to unpack immediately, because we did laundry at my parent’s house. Double win.

Now, as I am laying in my own bed…which I have missed…I am going to turn on Friends and read a chapter or two from my new book. My goal is to get up early and work outside before it gets too hot.

Goodnight, friends.


Day 8 of our Colorado Vacation – Takin’ it Easy

Saturday, July 21st:

We started our day out a little on the late side…I blame it on jet lag. L, Lil’ Man and I did not get out of bed until 10:00. Yes, 10:00, but in reality, it was 9:00 a.m. Colorado time.

Anyway, I got up and helped my mom make some yummy breakfast tostadas. A mix of what mom used to eat growing up and a I added a little bit of a ZING from one of the places I ate in Colorado.

Breakfast Tostada:

What you need:

* corn tortillas

* refried beans

* cilantro

* oil (of your choosing)

* queso blanco (We used white farmers cheese today. Mozzarella would work as well)

* eggs (1 for each tostada)

* salsa verde

* lime juice (you can use the concentrate) and chile

What to do:

* heat your oil in a skillet and fry your tortillas

* heat your refried beans in a skillet with a teaspoon of oil

* fry your eggs ( I like mine hard; Lance had his sunny side up)

* I took my block of cheese and shredded it.

* make your lime and chile juice combo simply by sprinkling in some chile to your lime juice. Here is the chile I used.

Making the tostada:

* place your fried tortillas on a cookie sheet

* spread your beans over the tortilla

* sprinkle your cheese on top of the beans

* place your egg on top of the cheese

* sprinkle some cilantro on top of the egg

* bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 5-8 minutes

Eating the tostada:

Place your tostada on your plate and pour some salsa verde over it along with some of the lime/chile juice. Absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

After our fabulous brunch, we headed to Tulsa. Hancock Fabrics is having there 50% quilting supplies. I am in need of a cutting board, rotary cutter, and a pinking blade for the rotary cutter…and since it is all 50% off, I was able to buy all three things.

We then went to get some material for a sewing machine cover that we are going to ATTEMPT to make. I am pretty excited about it.

Here is our mess as we move along with our project. Grandpa Corley had to come help us get going. The “easy” pattern is not so easy. False advertisement.

Mom started out sewing the pocket on the first piece. I, indulged in these…

The boys played in the pool while we worked on our sewing project.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have at least one completed machine cover to share with you.

Colorado: Day 7 – Homeward Bound…Kind of

Friday, July 20th: We said our goodbyes to Colorado this morning…Lil’ Man literally did…”Goodbye, Colorado”. We had an absolutely amazing time during our stay. I think I developed a possible new hobby or two. Hiking and biking. L and I are already planning our next venture. I really surprised myself with how much I enjoyed it. It is time to start scouring Craigslist for hiking gear and a couple of good bikes.

Arick, we had a great great time visiting you in Denver. Thanks for such an awesome time. Lil’ Man had a great time hanging out with Uncle Arick. I, had a great time eating at all the fun places. 🙂 We love you and can’t wait to see you in August!

Lance is ready to tackle this long drive!

Lil’ Man is hamming it up while he plays Angry Birds.

I, am taking a very unflattering picture of myself for posterity’s sake.

Early this morning, we heard of the tragic occurrence that took place in Aurora. It makes my heart just as much sick as it does sad. Such acts of violence I will never understand. One thing I do know, is that there are many people who are in need of our prayers and support. So many thoughts run through my head on this subject. I feel, at this time, it is best for them to be just that. Thoughts. It is a time to reflect on this tragedy and process those thoughts. One thing I do know…I have no intention of ever naming the said gunman…I will not take part in “immortalizing” him.

We left the state of Colorado, passed through the state of Kansas, and are now back in the state of Oklahoma.

We are about an hour and twenty minutes outside of Tulsa. I am ready to be “home”. My legs are nervous (I think the technical term is “restless leg syndrome”, I have always said “nervous”), my bottom has fallen asleep, and I have now listened to “Finding Nemo” three times through. Good news, I did get to finish my book and I did get to see a “dust devil”.

One of the MANY times Lil’ Man was watching “Nemo” while having his snack.

At one point along the trip, I decided to get all cozy in the back seat. Taking a break from the long drive. I took a “pretend” pic to show you what I was soon to be doing. It was a nice little nap.

We finally made it to Papi and Abuelita’s house (my dad and mom’s house). I was thrilled to be out of the car, L was thrilled to be done driving, Lil’ Man was thrilled to be with his Papi and his Abuelita.

Well, it is time to say goodnight. Until tomorrow.